I did not remember the gifts I gave away until they were returned

The afghan knitted by Cat’s grandma on the couch she purchased upon returning to New England. Photo by author.

It was 4 years before I could attend a family reunion. Four years of selling everything and moving across the country to attend tech school. Then, Covid and an end to all gatherings.

Those years were painful. I started from scratch, without friends or furniture I slogged through school to…

A woman standing near water outside, smiling
Photo of the author, used by permission.

I have gotten old too darn fast.

I spent a good portion of my life raising four children (in what I describe as my conservative Christian period) only to get divorced.

I had to re-invent myself.

Change is the only constant.

I embraced it fully in 2017.

I learned to say “Yes!” to new things and since that time I have had…

ThisTravel. Central America.

My Trip from Florida to the Bahamas on a Sailboat.

One of two vessels spotted on the open seas during our passage. Photo credit Cat Stravino

I had only started sailing in the previous 6 months, helping the real Sailor move his Cheoy Lee designed sailboat, Blown Away from Rhode Island to Florida on weekends, a good way to social distance and be outside, although a tad cold. I still confused “port” with “starboard.”

If I…

What’s the point? Pause and consider.

This boxed and lit tree was sent to me by a friend. All I do is open the box and shape the branches once a year. Photo by author.

I hung the lights and plugged in my tree. I carved a turkey and got together with friends and family on Thanksgiving.

I am anticipating Christmas with loved ones, sent some cards, bought a few gifts.

There was a time when I was far from friends and family, a few…

When things really get you down, I use these two tools to re-frame my perspective

A girl with open mouth sings
Photo by Miguel Bautista on Unsplash

Sometimes, things can feel really hard.

At the start of my shift, when the floor is filled with parts that need my attention, I can feel a bit overwhelmed. Where do I start? How will I get all of this done?

Secret weapon number one: singing

My thoughts can jump on the Hamster Wheel of…

Rhyming couplets focus on Fall- yours, mine and the trees

Red leaves fill a tree in a cemetery.
A red maple stands guard in Indian Hill Cemetery. Photo by author.

Have you ever stood at the edge of some trees?
And watched the wind whip the leaves?

Dancing, twirling, a delightful demise
Sprinkling the air before your eyes.

Will it be wonderful for us all?
The approaching end, we call it Fall.

They don’t just drop, they twirl and float

Cat Strav

Yogi. Wordsmith. Hutch Pup. Diagnosed with I.O. (idiotic optimism) since an early age.

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